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We all know what to eat. We all know that we need to move. But how can we start a grassroots movement that leads to us having the healthiest kids in the world? We can do it with you and people like you. The power is in the people.


How do you get involved with Blueberry Shark?

One of two ways.

You can join as a member or as a champion.

Members are people who want to commit to leading a healthy lifestyle for themselves and for their families. They can use the information they learn from the Blueberry Shark network in their day-to-day lives.

Champions are people who want to network with other like-minded individuals, share healthy ideas, be in the loop on the latest health and wellness news and find out what has and has not worked in other communities when it comes to igniting passion around health and wellness. Then champions take it to the next level and share what they have learned in their own communities by implementing ideas, inviting new members to join, attending meetings and being recognized at Blueberry Shark Summits.

By joining in the first year, as a member or as a champion, you will always be known as a founding ambassador of Blueberry Shark. And it’s free to join right now.

The race is on to create the healthiest kids in the world. Who’s ready to take the next step?

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    Our Mission

    BlueBerry-Shark-Family-BicycleOur mission is to have the healthiest kids in the world. Every parent wants their child to be healthy. And Canada has the resources to make this happen. Yet, Canada is currently not even in the top ten countries with the healthiest kids.

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    Our Story

    BlueBerry-Shark-Kids-PoolBlueberry Shark is a movement focused on creating the healthiest kids in the world.  It is a community of people who simply choose to believe we can make this happen and we can make this happen now. 

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    Our Team

    Creating the healthiest kids in the world is a massive job. And we’d like to think we’ve established a pretty awesome team to tackle it. But we’re not foolish enough to believe we can do this alone. The key is getting people like you to join us.

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